Girls B, 5th -6th Gr

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Coach / Team




 Team 1 - Amigos De Vista Lions / Coach Larry Hernandez   10  3  0
 Team 2 - Sunrise Kiwanis / Coach Jason Christman   1  11  0
 Team 3 - /  Coach Michael Fowlkes   5  8  0
 Team 4 - KRUPA LAW GROUP / Coach Ryan Taylor   3   9  0
 Team 5 - Everything Branded / Coach Eli Gladden   11  3  0
 Team 6 - BE KIND / Coach Saaed Samad   7  5  0
 Team 7 - Coach Enrique Barraza   7  6  0
 Team 8 - Coach Josie Sidhu   7  5  0



 Girls B Playoff Bracket (2/25/19 updated)

Congratulations to Jason Christman for Sportsmanship Award

18-19 Girls B Schedule

Regular Season Results/Playoff Seeding

1. Everything Branded-Coach Gladden
2. Amigos De Vista Lions - Coach Hernandez
3. Coach Sidhu (H to H win over Samad)
4. Be Kind - Coach Samad
5. Coach Barraza
6. - Coach Fowlkes
7. Krupa Law Group - Coach Taylor
8. Sunrise Kiwanis- Coach Christman


Season Standings

 High Scorer's  - December 1st, 2018
Girls Jamboree , no individual scores

High Scorer's  - December 8th, 2018
Olivia Hernandez 13pts, Jennifer Martinez 8pts, Vaimoanalei Escamilla 8pts, Analia Barraza 8pts, Aiyana Flores 6pts, Kali Chumley 15pts, Jaiden Smith 10pts, Janice Garcia 11pts, Aaliyah Wells 14pts
Player of the week Aaliyah Wells with 14pts

High Scorer's - December 15th
Andrea Mercado 6pts, Alana Musnicki 9pts, Aiyana Flores 6pts, Analia Barraza 6pts, Janice Garcia 22pts, Abby Ashley 12pts, Olivia Hernandez 11pts, Jaiden Sidhu 13pts, Kali Chumley 10pts, Vanessa McFerran 8pts, Ronin MacDonald 6pts, Chaerish Severin 6pts
Player of the week Janice Garcia 22pts

High Scorer's - December 18 & 19th
Andrea Mercado 10pts, Jaylin McClain 7pts, Aaliyah Wells 18pts, Abby Ashley 12pts, Olivia Hernandez 20pts, Jordyn Lowe 18pts,

High Scorer's - January 5th, 2019
Olivia Hernandez 10pts, Ava Gonzales 6pts, Analia Barraza 8pts, Jordan Lowe 8pts, Alana Musnicki 12pts, Aliyah Samad 10pts, Bailey Fowlkes 12pts,
Player of the week Alana Musnicki & Bailey Fowlkes both with 12pts each

High Scorer's - January 12th, 2019
Jaiden Sidhu 9pts, Aaliyah Wells 13pts, Jaraldine Hernandez 6pts, Denise Garcia 6pts, Jaylin McClain 9pts, Analia Barraza 6pts, Andrea Mercado 6pts, Alana Musnicki 6pts, Olivia Hernandez 11pts
Player of the week Aaliyah Wells with 13pts

High Scorer's - January 19th, 2019
Janice Garcia 19pts, Olivia Hernandez 16pts, Gabriella Hernandez 16pts, Analia Barraza 9pts, Jaiden Sidhu 15pts,
Player of the week Janice Garcia with 19pts

High Scorer's - January 22nd, 2019
Vaimoanalei Escamilla 8pts, Olivia Hernandez 6pts, Jaiden Sidhu 11pts, Sophia Fowlkes 6pts.

High Scorer's - January 24th, 2019
Janice Garcia 9pts, Aaliyah Wells 6pts, Avery Musnich 6pts 

High Scorer's - January 26th, 2019
Aaliyah Wells 15pts, Olivia Hernandez 13pts, Vaimoanal 10pts, Aliyah Samad 6pts, Alana Musnicki 7pts, Aiyana Flores 11pts, Analia Barraza 8pts, Jordan Lowe 8pts, Denise Garcia 6pts, Janice Garcia 16pts, Jaiden Sidhu 12pts, Kali Chumley 6pts
Player of the week Janice Garcia with 16pts

High Scorer's - February 2nd, 2019
Jaiden Sidhu 20pts, Andrea Mercado 11pts, Alani Musnicki 10pts, Analia Barraza 14pts, Jordyn Lowe 6pts, Aiyana Flores 6pts, Aailyah Wells 15pts, Olivia Hernandez 16pts, Janice Garcia 14pts, Denise Garcia 6pts,
Player of the week Jaiden Sidhu with 20pts

High Scorer's - February 9th, 2019
Jeraldine Hernandez 12pts, Eliana Perez 6pts, Olivia Hernandez 10pts,
Player of the week Jeraldine Hernandez with 12pts

High Scorer's - February 16th, 2019>PLAYOFFS
Olivia Hernandez 14pts, Ava Gonzalez 12pts, Janice Garcia 10pts, Jaylin McClain 8pts, Jeraldine Hernandez 8pts, Andrea Mercado 8pts, Alana Musnicki 6pts, Jaiden Sidhu 9pts,
Player of the week Olivia Hernandez with 14pts

High Scorer's - February 23rd, 2019>PLAYOFFS
Sophia Fowlkes 6pts, Kennady Taylor 8pts, Eva Perez 9pts, Analia Barraza 7pts, Aiyana Flores 6pts, Janice Garcia 19pts, Andrea Mercado 7pts, Aliyah Samad 6pts,
Player of the week Janice Garcia with 19pts

High Scorer's - MARCH 2ND, 2019>FINALS

Ayana Flores 12pts, Janice Garcia 6pts, Olivia Hernandez 10pts
Player of the week Ayana Flores with 12pts

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