Boys B 5th -6th Gr

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Coach / Team




 Team 1 -  Coach Jason Omundson  8  4  0
 Team 2 - Coach Vern Smith  4  10  0

 Team 3 - Coach Jeff Willson

 4  8  0
 Team 4 - Herb Weston Atty. at Law  / Coach Edwin Hernandez  5  7  0
 Team 5 -  / Coach Eddie Baker/Kevin Green  5  7  0
 Team 6 - Au Techs / Coach Jerel Malong  0  11  0
 Team 7 - Sunrise Cafe / Coach Jeff Clermont  10  4  0
 Team 8 - VIASAT / Coach Jason Justice  10  4  0
 Team A - Coach Victor Arce  13  1  0
 Team B -  Coach Danny Hyde  7  4  0
 Team C - Brombacher Dental / Coach Paris Morales  12  1  0
 Team D - Rhoad Warriors / Coach Dale Jaggers  8  4  0
 Team E - Chili Coast Burgers / Coach Raul Juvera  0  11   0
 Team F - Coach John Hearn  7  5  0
 Team G - Coach Rashad Hultin  5  8  0
 Team H - Centro Latino De Servicios / Coach David Boyett  2  9   0




Boys B Playoffs 3/1/19 Update

Congratulations to Jerel Malong for Sportsmanship Award

18-19 Boys B Schedule

Regular Season Results/Playoff Seeding

1. Brombacher Dental - Coach Morales
2. Coach Arce
3. VIASAT - Coach Justice
4. Coach Omundson (Season Scoring %1.06)
5. Sunrise Café - Coach Clermont (Season Scoring %1.02)
6. Rhoad Warriors - Coach Jaggers (Season Scoring %0.93)
7. Coach Hearn ( H to H win over Hyde)
8. Coach Hyde
9. HOCOA.COM - Coach Baker/Green (H to H win over Herb Weston)
10. Herb Weston Atty.  - Coach Hernandez 
11. Coach Willson
12. Coach Hultin
13. Centro Latino De Servicios - Coach Boyett (H to H win over Smith)
14. Coach Smith
15. AU Techs - Coach Malong (Season Scoring %.49)
16. Chili Coast Burgers - Coach Juvera (Season Scoring %.48)

Season Standings

High Scorer's  - December 1st , 2018
Zachary Kenton 6pts, Rider Tinoisamoa 6pts, Ryder Newtson 21pts, James McFerran 13pts, Jeshua Berger 16pts, Marcel Terry 7pts, Micah Boucher 27pts, Aiden Zolezzi 6pts, Daxton Hyde 13pts, Romeo Friend 8pts, Anthony Hernandez 15pts, Josh Boyce 7pts
Player of the week Micah Boucher with 27 pts

High Scorer's - December 8th, 2018
Jacob Sheridan 10pts, Jack Goodwin 10pts, Caden Boley 6pts, Isaiah Justice 17pts, Christian Gonzalez 8pts, James Surritt 6pts, Zaeden Ledesma 8pts, Cole Grant 10pts, Daxton Hyde 12pts, Ty Lowry 9pts, Ryder Newston 27pts, James McFerran 8pts, Noah Cina 6pts, Jeshua Berger 6pts, Jack Dellinger 6pts, Breylon Hearn 11pts, Joel Valverde 12pts, Cole Vanderfort 12pts, Teagan Blair 7pts, Micah Boucher 21pts, Landen Renzy 15pts, Gabriel Velez 8pts, Anthony Hernandez 16pts, Justus Jaggers 10pts, Wyatt Simons 7pts.
Player of the week Ryder Newston with 27pts

High Scorer's - December 11th, 2018
Joel Valverde 14pts, Jack Delinger 6pts,Landen Renzy 16pts, Gabriel Velez 16pts, Micah Boucher 7pts, Andrei Herreria 8pts, Teagan Blair 8pts, Cole Vandervort 6, Matthew Gordon Larkins 6, Brody Clermont 13pts, Aaron Horst 6pts,

High Scorer's - December 12th
Kainen Burnside 8pts, Justus Jaggers 8pts, Ryder Newston 32pts, Caden Boley 7pts, Efren Rubio 12pts, Kallen Boyett 7pts, Jack Goodwin 6pts, Cristian Gonzalez 8pts, Isaiah Justice 8pts

High Scorer's - December 13th, 2018
Romeo Friend 14pts, Daxton Hyde 15pts, Jacob Kawano 13pts, Anthony Hernandez 15pts, Ty Lowry 13pts, Sean Solari 6pts

High Scorer's - December 15th
Ty Lowry 9pts, Will Sanchez 6pts, Teagan Blair 6pts, Joel Valverde 13pts, Kallen Boyett 7pts, Ryder Newston 18pts, Noah Cina 8pts, Gabriel Velez 23pts, Jeshua Berger 6pts, Hunter Klaschke 6pts, Jason Wong 6pts, Isaiah Justice 23pts, Cristian Gonzalez 12pts, Van Klassen 6pts, Romeo Friend 25pts, Daxton Hyde 9pts, Micah Munoz 8pts, Nicolas Juvera 8pts, Tristan Flynn 6pts, Anthony Hernandez 9pts, Xavier Lapena 7pts, Justus Jaggers 14pts, Ryder Tinoisamoa 6pts
Player of the week Romeo Friend with 25pts

High Scorer's - January 5th, 2019
Cole Grant 10pts, Anthony Hernandez 19pts, Hunter Klaschke 6pts, Ty Lowry 15pts, Sean Solari 11pts, Jayden Carillo 8pts, ZXavier Lapena 6pts, Isaiah Justice 13pts, Cristian Gonzalez 10pts, Cole Vandervort 16pts, Joel Valverde 6pts, James McFerran 14pts, Ryder Newston 16pts, Noah Cina 6pts, Kaile Boyett 11pts, Micah Boucher 25pts, Landen renzy 16pts, Gabriel Velez 8pts, Jacob Kawano 7pts, Ryder Tinoisamoa 8pts Romeo Friend 16pts, Daxton Hyde 14pts, Micah Nuboz 11pts, Elek Vitzian 13pts, Justus Jaggers 9pts
Player of the week Micah Boucher with 25pts

High Scorer's - January 12th, 2019
Isaiah Justice 11pts, Isaiah Cade 8pts, Christian Gonzalez 6pts, Will Sanchez 8pts, Jack Goodwin 6pts, Ezra Baker 6pts, Anthony Hernandez 17pts, Justus Jaggers 8pts, Elek Vitzian 7pts, Kainen Burnside 6pts, Caden Boley 9pts, Ryder Newston11pts, Noah Cina 6pts, Joel Valverde 14pts, Jacob Kawano 8pts, Kai Gonzales 8pts, Teagan Blair 11pts, Cole Vandervort 8pts, Hunter Klaschke 6pts, Xavier LaPena 16pts, Mohamed 13pts, Daxton Hyde 16pts, Romeo friend 14pts, Micah Munoz 10pts, Micah Boucher 18pts, Gabriel Velez 14pts,
Player of the week Micah Boucher with 18pts

High Scorer's - January 19th, 2019
Ethan Wilson 7pts, Jack Goodwin 10pts, Jacob Sheridan 8pts, Ty Lowry 9pts, Will Sanchez 6pts, Zavier Lapena 12pts, Muhamed 6pts, Kainen Burnside 15pts, Justus Jaggers 8pts, Zaeden Ledesma 7pts, Micah Boucher 19pts, Gabriel Velez 16pts, Nicolas Juvera 10pts, Joel Valverde 17pts, Jack Delinger 11pts, Daxton Hyde 21pts, Romeo Friend 7pts, James McFerran 8pts, Noah Cina 6pts, Jeshua Berger 8pts, Holden Perfect 6pts, Zachary Kenton 10pts, Cole Grant 8pts, Zachary Kenton 10pts, Cole Grant 8pts, Isaiah Justice 21pts, Cristian Gonzalez 17pts
Player of the week Daxton Hyde & Isaiah Justice with 21pts each

High Scorer's - January 26th, 2019
Xavier Lapena 12pts, Mohamed Qureishi 11pts, Isaiah Justice 10pts, Christian Gonzalez 6pts, Ty Lowry 10pts, Sean Solari 6pts, Cole Grant 6pts, Jacob Kawano 8pts, Nicolas Juvera 8pts, Joel Valverde 16pts, Paxton Knight 7pts, Jacob Sheridan 12pts, Holden Peerfect 6pts, Cole Vandervort 6pts, Anthony Hernandez 16pts, PJ Boyce 6pts, Ryder Newston 34pts, James McFerran 22pts, Noah Cina 8pts, Romeo Friend 32pts, Micah Munoz 6pts, Micah Boucher 23pts, Gabriel Velez 12pts, Landen Renzy 11pts, Justus Jaggers 10pts, Elek Vitzen 6pts
Player of the week Ryder Newston with 34pts

High Scorer's - February 2nd, 2019
Anthony Hernandez 14pts, Josh Boyce 7pts, Joel Valverde 15pts, Jack Dellinger 12pts, Mohamed Qureishi 6pts, Jayden Florence 10pts, Ryder Newston 8pts, James McFerran 7pts, Hunter Klasche 7pts, Marcel Terry 7pts, Justus Jaggers 13pts, Elek Vitzian 8pts, Kainen Burnside 7pts, Ty Lowry 8pts, Sean Solari 8pts, Will Sanchez 6pts, Teagan Blair 12pts, Nicolas Juvera 10pts, Caden Boyd 9pts, Jack Goodwin 15pts, Jacob Sheridan 10pts, Micah Boucher 13pts, Gabriel Velez 10pts, Landen Renzy 9pts, Romeo Friend 11pts, Micah Munoz 7pts, Christian Gonzalez 20pts, Isaiah Justice 15pts, Josiah Jenkins 7pts, Kallen Boyett 13pts,
Player of the week Christian Gonzalez with 20pts

High Scorer's - February 9th, 2019
Mohammed Qureishi 8pts, Kallen Boyett 11pts, Romeo Friend 11pts, Daxton Hyde 9pts, Jiles Roberts 6pts, Ryder Newtson 21pts, James McFerran 10pts, Otis Haessly 11pts, Will Sanchez 9pts, Ty Lowery 9pts, Jacob Sheridan 9pts, Jack Goodwin 9pts, Kainen Burnside 15pts, Justus Jaggers 9pts, Joel Valverde 8pts, Zachary Elizando Jr. 6pts, Isiah Justice 14pts, Zachary Kenton 8pts, Hunter Klasche 13pts, Jeshua Burger 8pts, Anthony Hernandez 16pts, Ryan Matsumoto 8pts, Jacob Kawano 10pts, Kalvin Guillen 10pts, Micah Boucher 37pts, Gabriel Velez 15pts, Landen Renzy 11pts
Player of the week Micah Boucher with 37pts

High Scorer's - February 16th, 2019>PLAYOFFS
Jacob Sheridan 13pts, Jack Goodwin 10pts, Romeo Friend 16pts, Daxton Hyde 14pts, Efren Rubio 9pts, Kallen Boyett 7pts, Will Sanchez 11pts, Ty Lowry 6pts, Micah Boucher 17pts, Gabriel Velez 8pts, Caden Boley 6pts, Teegan Blair 9pts, Justus Jaggers 20pts, Kainen Burnside 10pts, Zach Elizano 8pts, Anthony Hernandez 11pts, Isaih Justice 15pts, Cristian Gonzalez 11pts, Cole Grant 10pts, Keoki Becerra 6pts, Zachary Kenton 6pts, Xavier Lapena 10pts, William Wilson 12pts, Brody Clermont, Jacob Kawano 14pts, Ryder Tinoisamoa 9pts, Jeshua Berger 7pts, Holden Perfect 6pts, Ryder Newston 14pts, James McFerran 14pts, Jayden Florence 8pts
Player of the week Justus Jaggers with 20pts

High Scorer's - February 23rd, 2019>PLAYOFFS

Mohamed Qureishi 16pts, Xavier Lapena 12pts, Ty Lowry 21pts, Sean Solari 7pts, Isaiah Justice 18pts, Christian Gonzalez 8pts, Kainen Burnside 14pts, Elek Vitzian 11pts, Jack Dellinger 7pts, Ryder Newston 11pts, Micah Boucher 16pts, Landen renzy 10pts, Gabriel Valez 8pts, Daxton Hyde 12pts, Romeo Friend 6pts, Jack Goodwin 7pts, Van Klassen 6pts, Anthony Hernandez 14pts, Ryan Matsumoto 11pts, Holden Perfect 6pts, Jacob Kawano 20pts, Kalvin Guillen 6pts, Kallen Boyett 8pts
Player of the week Ty Lowry with 21pts

High Scorer's - MARCH 2ND, 2019>FINALS

Gabriel Velez 10pts, Micah Boucher 15pts, Landen Renzy 6pts, Ryder Newston 19pts, James McFerran 12pts, Kalvin Guillen 16pts, Jacob Kawano 9pts, Jonah Walker 6pts, Cole Grant 6pts, Christian Gonzalez 16pts, Isiah Justice 15pts, Isiah Cade 6pts, Muhamed Quereishi 16pts, Aaron Horst 7pts, Brody Clermont 9pts
Player of the week Ryder Newston with 19pts

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