Boys AA Division High School

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1. Coach Kyle Owens




2. Coach Wybrant Taylor



3. Coach Dez Brown



4. Coach Frank Murdock



5. Coach Nick Brizeno




6. Spartans / Coach Saran Leng




Boys AA Finals March 3rd


Season Standings/Playoff Seeding's
1. Coach Owens
2. Coach Taylor * H to H pt. diff. 1.01
3. Coach Brown/Sando * H to H pt. Diff 0.98
4. Coach Brizeno
5. Coach Murdock ** H to H pt. diff 1.01
6. Coach Leng ** H to H pt. diff 0.98
* & ** head to head pt. diff used to determine higher seed

Boys AA 17-18 schedule

Season Standings

Saturday, January 6th, 2018
Jorden Hudson 11pts, Jeremy Farrow 11pts, Alan Martinez 11pts, Ryan Howey 15pts, Jose Martinez 12pts, Ryan Martinez 8pts, Ryan Smits 14pts, Myles Kelly 8pts, Andrew Patrick 20pts, Naasik Taylor 19pts, Genaro Hernandez 6pts, Bryan Hudson 19pts, Dominic Zendejas 17pts, Brandon Ramirez 14pts, John Melton 27pts, Dorian Owens 16pts, Dominique 11pts,
Player of the week - John Melton 27pts

Wednesday, January 10th
Jose Martinez 14pts, Christopher Toft 11pts, Ryan Howey 12pts, Mario Alcantar 8pts, Jorden Hudson 19pts, Eli Tinney 14pts, Anthony DeVito 14pts, Bryan Huddleson 12pts, John Melton 18pts, Frankie Matos 8pts, Dorian Owens 6pts, Andrew Patrick 13pts, Naasik Taylor 12pts

Saturday, January 13th
Andrew Patrick 16pts, Zeke Taylor 9pts, Jose Martinez 17pts, Ryan Howey 16pts, Dorian Owens 9pts, Dominique Hall 8pts, Alan Martinez 13pts, Eli Tinney 11pts, Anthony DeVito 24pts, Bryan Huddleson 9pts, Mario Alcantar 9pts, Kevin Diaz 8pts
Player of the week - Anthony DeVito 24pts

Thursday, January 18th
Jeremy Farrow 25pts, Jorden Hudson 10pts, Joe Martinez 15pts, Ryan Howey 9pts, Ryan Martinez 9pts, Quintin Burton 23pts, Andrew Patrick 13pts, Jake Kentner 10pts, Dorian Owens 19pts, John Melton 14pts

Saturday, January 20th
Eli Tinney 19pts, Jeremy Farrow 16pts, Andrew Patrick 14pts, Quintin Burton 11pts, Jonathan Meija 13pts, Dorian Owens 27pts, Dominique Hall 18pts,
Player of the week - Dorian Owens 27pts

Saturday, January 25th
Quinton Burton 14pts, John Patrick Frisch 11pts, Andrew Patrick 10pts, Jake Kentner 13pts, Ivan Blancos 12pts, Ryan Howey 9pts, Jose Martinez 6pts, John Melton 18pts, Jake Melton 16pts, Dorian Owens 15, Mario Alcantar 19pts, Anthony Alcantar 8pts, Ryan Smits 8pts, Eli Tinney 19pts, Jorden Hudson 16pts, Alan Martinez 8pts

Saturday, January 27th
Eli Tinney 13pts, Jeremy Farrow 14pts, Jorden Hudson 10pts, Andrew Patrick 14pts, Jacob Blas 15pts, Naasik Taylor 12pts, Kevin Diaz 8pts, John Melton 10pts, Dorian Owens 16pts, Dominique Hall 8pts
Player of the week - Dorian Owens 16pts

Thursday, February 1st
Andrew Patrick 18pts, Quinton Burton 10pts, Jacob Blas 10pts, Dorian Owens 15pts, John Melton 12pts, Dominique Hall 11pts, Ryan Martinez 18pts, Ryan Howey 13pts, Christopher Toft 7pts, Mario Alcantar 12pts, Dixon Matthew 20pts, Brandon Martinez 11pts, Eli Tinney 24pts, Jeremy Farrow 17pts,

Saturday, February 3rd
Eli Tinney 9pts, Jorden Hudson 7pts, Alan Martinez 6pts, Dorian Owens 13pts, John Melton 12pts, Jake Melton 10pts, Jose Martinez 17pts, Ryan Howey 10pts, Naasik Taylor 25pts, Andrew Patrick 14pts, Jonathan Mejia 12pts, Matthew Dickson 16pts, Brandan Ramirez 11pts
Player of the week - Naasik Taylor 25pts

Saturday, February 10th
Christopher Toft 12pts, Ryan Howey 13pts, Dorian Owens 18pts, John Melton 12pts, Gavin Cranney 9pts, Andrew Patrick 15pts, Quinton Burton 15pts, Eli Tinney 13pts, Alan Martinez 16pts, Jeremy Farrow 13pts, Anthony Alcantar 14pts
Player of the week Dorian Owens 18pts

Saturday, February 17th
Jeremy Farrow 26pts, Jonathan Morales 12pts, Jorden Hudson 10pts, Ryan Smits 12pts
Player of the week Jeremy Farrow 26pts

Saturday, February 24th
Andrew Patrick 21pts, Naasik Taylor 17pts, Jorden Hudson 13pts, Jeremy Farrow 12pts, Alan Martinez 8pts, Dorian Owens 18pts, John Melton 16pts, Jake Melton 12pts, Jose Martinez 16pts, Ryan Martinez 13pts, Christopher Toft 9pts
Player of the week Andrew Patrick 21pts

Saturday, March 3rd
Matthew Dixon 32pts, Dominic Zendejas 10pts Brandon Ramirez 8pts, Andrew Patrick 29pts, Naasik Taylor 14pts, Quintin Burton 11pts, Dominique Hall 21pts, John Melton 13pts, Jorden Hudson 16pts, Jeremy Farrow 12pts, Jonathan Morales 8pts
Player of the week Matthew Dixon 32pts





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