Boys A 7th-8th Gr

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Coach / Team




 Team 1 -F.R. Bean Mfg. / Coach Jeff Lynch             1  10  0
 Team 2 - Coach Larry Haywood  4  8  0
 Team 3 - HQ Plumbing / Coach Eric Taylor  5  7  0
 Team 4 - Coach Vern Smith  9  2  0
 Team 5 - Coach Rob Mitchell   11  1  0
 Team 6 - BuyologyIQ / Coach Eli Gladden  5  7  0
 Team 7 - Sport About / Coach Dale Jaggers  7  4  0
 Team 8 - Coach Erika Hernandez  0  11  0
 Team 9 - Coach Josh Brown  5  7  0
 Team 10 - Coach Jose Montiel  11  1  



Boys A Playoffs updated 2/26/19
Congratulations to Coach Erika Hernandez & Sal for Sportsmanship Award

18-19 Boys A Schedule

Regular Season Results/Playoff Seeding

1. Coach Mitchell
2. Coach Montiel
3. Coach Smith
4. Sport About - Coach Jaggers
5. BuyologyIQ - Coach Gladden
6. HQ Plumbing - Coach Taylor
7. Coach Brown
8. Coach Haywood/Miller
9. F.R. Bean Mfg. - Coach Lynch
10. Coach Hernandez

Season Standings

High Scorer's - December 1st, 2018
Mike Cocoran 13pts, Niko Newham 11pts, Brandon Flannagan 10pts, David Friedell 14pts, Joaquin Barraza 30pts, Sal Huerta 12pts, Kolby James 8pts, Caleb Gilbert 6pts, Jess Hensley 6pts, Ethan Harper 16pts, Kenny Boyett 7pts, Jayden Sweitzer 20pts, Alex Garcia 12pts, Gavin Gamino 19pts. Coach Lynch & Haywood game will be made-up on 2/7/19 7pm @ JPRC
High Scorer of the week Joaquin Barraza 30pts

High Scorer's - December 6th, 2018
Isaac Davis  19pts, Ethan Davis 10pts, Riley Robbins 10pts, Jacob Jaurequi 9pts, Caleb Gilbert 9pts, Ethan Harper 14pts, Bo Villejo 14pts, Kenny Boyett 12pts, Eric Villa 9pts, Isaac Alcantar 6pts,

High Scorers  - December 8th, 2018
Issac Alcantar 16pts Nicloass Bruschett 6pts, Gavin Gladden 17pts, Isaac Davis 10pts, Bram Duffin 17pts, Ethan Harper 14pts, Ashton Hanna 10pts, Jordan Nowtash 7pts, Michael Cocoran 13pts, Brandon Flanagan 9pts, Joaquin Barraza 9pts, Salvador Huerta 6pts, Jacob Jauregui 18pts, Caleb Gilbert 15pts, Adam Draves 11pts, Elijah Wooley 6pts, Jayden Sweitzer 27pts, Dane Curic 13pts, Andrew Cupin 11pts
Player of the week Jayden Sweitzer with 27pts

High Scorer's - December 13th, 2018
Ashton Hanna 16pts, Parker Jordan 20pts, Andrew Cupin 12pts, Christian Vanderschel 6pts, Joaquin Barraza 28pts, Jayden Sweitzer 23pts, Judah Jaggers 7pts, Cameron Harrington 7pts, Michael Cocoran 19pts, Nico Newham 8pts

High Scorer's - December 15th, 2018
Adam Draves 11pts, Ashton Hanna 15pts, Jordan Nowtash 7pts, Kadin Boyd 9pts, Michael Cocoran 22pts, Nico Newham 15pts, Luke Mitchell 10pts, Caleb Gilbert 11pts, Kolby James 8pts, Ethan Harper 19pts, Bo Villejo 12pts, Parker Jordan 9pts, Andrew Cupin 6pts, Joaquinn Barraza 21pts, Salvador Huerta 9pts, Ethan Day 10pts, Jayden Sweitzer 18pts Alexander Garcia 12pts
Player of the week Michael Corcoran with 22pts

High Scorer's - January 5th , 2019
Issac Alcantar 12pts, Salvador Huerta 20pts, Joaquinn Barraza 9pts, Kolby James 16pts, Justin Richardson 10pts, Caleb Gilbert 8pts, David Friedell 20pts, Miko Nikodijey 7pts, Jordan Nowtash 12pts, Ashton Hanna 9pts, Isaac Davis 18 pts, Ethan Davis 10pts, Daniel Dorantes 6pts, Michael Cocoran 14pts, Luke Mitchell 7pts, Nico Newham 6pts, Jayden Sweitzer 12pts, Alexander Garcia 7pts, Judah Jaggers 6pts, Cameron Harrington 10pts, Bran Duffin 16pts, Bo Villejo 12pts, Ethan harper 10pts,
Player of the week David Friedell with 20pts

High Scorer's of the week - January 12th, 2019
Ashton Hanna 10pts, Salvador Huerta 15pts, Joaquin Barraza 13pts, Daniel Dorantes 7pts, Jayden Sweitzer 13pts, Judah Jaggers 12pts, Cameron Harrington 7pts, Christian Vanderschel 11pts, Parker Jorden 9pts, Andrew Cupin 9pts, Eric Villa 28pts, Issac Alcantar 15pts, Kolby James 14pts, Caleb Gilbert 11pts, Michael Cocoran 15pts, Brandon Flanagan 12pts, Ethan Harper 8pts, Bo Villejo 6pts
Player of the week Eric Villa with 28pts

High Scorer's of the week - January 19th, 2019
Kolby James 19pts, Joaquin Barraza 17pts, Salvador Huerta 10pts, Jacob Peterson 6pts, Jordan Nowtash 14pts, Ashton Hanna 8pts, Jayden Sweitzer 19pts, Isaac Mendoza 16pts, Judah Jaggers 15pts, Cameron Harrington 9pts, Caleb Bantz 6pts, Eric Villa 20 pts, Lance Omori 8pts, Andrew Cupin 8pts, Michael Cocoran 15pts, Nico Newham 11pts, Ethan Davis 7pts, Ethan Harper 19pts, Bo Villejo 13pts, Ben Huff 8pts
Player of the week Eric Villa with 20pts

High Scorer's of the week - January 26th, 2019
Parker Jordan 11pts, Christian Vanderschel 10pts, Joaquin Barraza 20pts, Salvador Huerta 7pts, Brandon Flanagan 13pts, Michael Cocoran 10pts, Riley Walker 8pts, Isaac Davis 6pts, Ashton Hanna 17pts, Marco Chavrin 13pts, Kadin Boyd 11pts, Eric Villa 25pts, Isaac Alcantar 12pts, Lance Omori 11pts, Kolby James 18pts, Ethan Harper 26pts, Kenny Boyett 11pts, Collin Rivard 7pts
Player of the week Ethan Harper with 26pts

High Scorer's of the week - February 2nd, 2019
Ethan Harper 12pts, Bo Villejo 11pts, Joaquin Barraza 22pts, Salvador Huerta 10pts, Michael Corcoran 24pts, Luke Mitchell 10pts, Ashton Hanna 13pts, Jordan Nowtash 10pts, Adam Draves 9pts, Gavin Gladden 16pts, Jacob Lau 6pts, Parker Jordan 23pts, Christian Vanderschel 17pts, Andrew Cupin 11pts, Eric Villa 14pts, Isaac Alcantar 10pts, Kolby James 18pts, Jayden Sweitzer 24pts, Judah Jaggers 14pts,
Player of the week Michael Corcoran & Jayden Sweitzer with 24pts each

High Scorer's of the week - February 9th, 2019
Parker Jordan 18pts, Christian Vanderschel 9pts, Isaac Davis 17pts, Ethan Davis 9pts, Jared Zamuru 18pts, Kolby James 15pts, Jacob Jauregui 10pts, Jordan Nowtash 17pts, Kadin Boyd 10pts, Jayden Sweitzer 14pts, Isaac Mendoza 13pts, Bo Villejo 11pts, Ethan Harper 10pts, Bram Duffin 8pts, Michael Cocoran 18pts, Nico Newham 11pts, Brandon Flanagan 9pts, Eric Villa 17pts, Isaac Alcantar 6pts, Nikola Vucenic 6pts, Joaquin Barraza 16pts, Salvador Huerta 12pts, Benjamin Huff 8pts,
Player of the week Michael Cocoran & Jared Zamura with 18pts each 

High Scorer's of the week - February 16th, 2019>PLAYOFFS
Jayden Sweitzer 26pts, Judah Jaggers 10pts, Isaac Mendoza 8pts, Ashton Hanna 10pts, Jordan Nowtash 9pts, Marco Chavarin 8pts, Parker Jordan 18pts, Christian Vanderschel 16pts, Kolby James 19pts, Jacob Jauregui 11pts, Cameron Harrington 8pts, Elijah Wooley 6pts, Bo Villejo 14pts, Ethan Harper 13pts, Aiden Smith 9pts, Eric Villa 28pts, Isaac Alcantar 9pts, Lance Omori 6pts, Isaac Davis 14pts, Daniel Dorantes 6pts
Player of the week Eric Villa with 28pts

High Scorer's of the week - February 23rd 2019>PLAYOFFS
Christian Vanderschel 29pts, Parker Jordan 23pts, Jordan Nowtash 8pts, Ashton Hanna 6pts, Joaquin Barraza 22pts, Salvador Huerta 15pts, Ethan Harper 14pts, Bo Villejo 13pts, Michael Cocoran 19pts, Nico Newham 10pts, Jayden Sweitzer 6pts, Adam Draves 11pts, Isaac Davis 14pts,
Player of the week Christian Vanderschel 29pts

High Scorer's of the week - MARCH 2ND, 2019>FINAL
Michael Cocoran 26pts, Brandon Flanagan 8pts, Joaquin Barraza 15pts, Benjamin Huff 12pts, Sal Huerta 8pts, Parker Jordan 27pts, Christian Vanderschel 10pts, Isaac Davis 11pts
Player of the week Parker Jordan with 27pts



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