Paseo Santa Fe Phase II

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The area, known as Paseo Santa Fe, encompasses the S. Santa Fe Avenue corridor between Vista Village Drive and Civic Center Drive. The City's vision is to fill the area with retail/shops/restaurants topped with living spaces to revitalize the downtown area. The project is being constructed in three phases. Phase I was completed in 2016.

Phase II (.20 miles): Work began in December, 2017. Phase II extends from Ocean View Drive to Terrace Drive. Crews will begin at Oceanview Drive and work toward Civic Center Drive. Sewer mains will be constructed first, then storm drain facilities and water lines, followed by the undergrounding of overhead utility lines. A roundabout will be constructed at Guajome and Terrace drives. Surface improvements such as landscaping, sidewalks, and lighting will be completed during the final segment. Construction is expected to be completed in March, 2020.

The City will strive to minimize traffic impacts sometimes associated with construction. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to improve the downtown core. 

Construction Update: January 9, 2019

South Santa Fe Avenue: Civic Center Drive - Pala Vista Drive

In the next few days DMI will start constructing a new storm drain line between Pala Vista Drive and Civic Center Drive that will require working in the middle of South Santa Fe Ave. Traffic control will be set up only during working hours: Northbound South Santa Fe Ave. traffic will be restricted to one lane at Civic Center Drive.

  • Civic Center Drive left turn lanes to northbound South Santa Fe Ave. will be restricted to one left turn lane.
  • Left turns on South Santa Fe Ave. between Pala Vista Drive and Civic Center Drive will be restricted in both directions and subject to DMI work activities.
  • Southbound South Santa Fe Ave. turning movements at Civic Center Drive will be maintained but will be limited.
  • Left turns from northbound South Santa Fe Ave. to Pala Vista Drive will be allowed.

Terrace Drive

In the next few days DMI will start constructing a new 8” sewer, 8” water, and storm drain from South Santa Fe Avenue to the driveway at Sunset Cliffs (180 Terrace Drive).

This will require closing Terrace Drive at this location during working hours. DMI will be posting an informational sign at this location with information about working hours and duration. Property owners directly impacted within the work area will be accommodated by the contractor to provide access if needed. This street segment will be repaved prior to project closeout. 

South Santa Fe Avenue: Oceanview Drive - Pala Vista Drive

DMI will continue to install new sewer laterals on the eastside* connecting individual properties to the new sewer main. Concurrently DMI is installing new storm drain laterals on the eastside for future street inlets and installing catch basins to intercept runoff from private property at the new driveway locations. The catch basins intercepting private drainage will be on private property for the owners benefit and provide a connection for future improvements, as-needed. The City will coordinate the sewer lateral and storm drain lateral installations with each property to minimize any impacts to the affected properties. 

  • The traffic control configuration will remain unchanged. Guajome Street and Pala Vista Drive will remain open until the construction activities impact these intersections.
  • The City has installed parking directional signs to direct traffic to Mercantile Street for businesses that have direct access onto Mercantile Street.

As a reminder, the City is giving special consideration for business signage during construction. Businesses are encouraged to provide additional signage for their businesses. For more  information on business signage, please visit “Road Construction Tool Kit” .  

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