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2020 Census Information

The 2020 Census will help shape the future of local communities, including Vista, for the next 10 years. The census is a count of everyone who lives in the United States and its territories. The 2020 Census questionnaire asks a few simple questions such as the age, sex, and the number of people living in your home. People should count all children who live in their homes, including newborns and others too young for school. 

The census is much more than just a head count. It provides a picture of the nation that helps determine where to build new schools, hospitals, and businesses; how federal funding is distributed; and how congressional seats are divided up. It also helps local officials see how communities have changed over time. That’s why an accurate count is so important! 

In 2020, for the first time ever, the U.S. Census Bureau will accept responses online; however, if you prefer, you can still respond by phone or mail. Individual responses are confidential and cannot be used against you by any court or government agency.

The federal government conducts a census once every decade of the entire population to count everyone in the United States and record basic information about them. Learn more by visiting 2020census.gov or find out about available jobs at Census 2020 Jobs.



January 2020: The census web site 2020census.gov is available in multiple languages and provides downloadable materials, and answers to frequently asked questions about the 2020 Census.

March 2020: People can begin responding to the 2020 Census online at 2020census.gov or can reply by mail or phone.

April 2020: The United States observes Census Day every 10 years on April 1. 

June - July 2020: Census takers go door to door to count people who have not responded to the 2020 Census. Census takers are Census Bureau employees and will provide proof they are official government employees.

December 31, 2020: By this date, as required by law, the Census Bureau reports to the President of the United States the population count and the allocation of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives to each state.

Year 2021: Initial 2020 Census data are made available to the public on census.gov.







  • US Census Bureau P: 1-800-923-8282 or 301-763-INFO (4636)
  • City of Vista Housing Division P: 760.639.6191