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Animal Services

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Code Enforcement coordinates animal control operations with the City’s animal control agency - San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, and regulates numbers and types of animals allowed on individual property; and responds to animal nuisance complaints.

Dogs much be vaccinated against rabies and licensed within 30 days after reaching the age of 4 months, or of acquiring the animal, or after entering the jurisdiction of Vista.  

Contacts at SD Humane Society 

  • Barking Dogs or Animals at Large: 619-243-3466
  • Spay/neuter questions, events, medical inquiries, training assistance, other related: 619-299-7012. 

Lost & Found Pets

  • The Humane Society provides lost & found services for the cities of Oceanside and Vista. Contact 619.243.3466.
  • If you live outside of these cities, check the Humane Society website for a list of other organizations that provide lost and found services.
  • Please check here for more information on lost and found pets. 

Dead Animal Removal  (DAR)

  • Please contact 619-390-8204

Vector Control (San Diego County)

Please contact the County of San Diego for Vector Control. P: 858.694.2888

What to do about Nuisance, Dangerous or Injured Wildlife

Check the State of CA Fish and Wildlife website or contact the South Coast Region CA Department of Fish & Game at 858.467.4257 if you need to report dangerous or injured wildlife (including mountain lions). For more information on mountain lions, check the Fish and Wildlife website. 

Wild Animal Sighting

Authorities ask those who notice a wild animal (mountain lion or other) in the area to call the Sheriff's Department at 858.565.5200 (but in an emergency, call 911), as well as the CA Fish and Wildlife office at 858.467.4201. For information from Fish and Wildlife officials about mountain lions and other wild animals, go to