Geographic Information Services

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GIS is a location based information and mapping system that integrates with several City business processes and is accessible to the public through easy to use maps, applications, and data downloads.

The Information Technology Department's Geographic Information System (GIS) Division seeks to promote the use of GIS technology at the City of Vista, and to facilitate public access to the City's spatial data.

Visit our GIS Portal or click on any of the Online Service links below. For information on City infrastructure projects, please use this link here.

Interactive Maps


Download PDF Maps

 The maps listed below are currently available for viewing or download. They are in PDF file format and Adobe Reader is required to view them. These maps will be periodically reloaded to reflect data updates and map changes. Some maps may be very large files and it is recommended that a broadband connection is used if viewing them online. Click on the links below to access the pdf maps.


 GIS Open Data Portal

 The data listed below are currently available for download in shapefile format. The zip files are updated on the 15th of each month, except for static data (ex: contours). Some data files may be very large files and it is recommended that a broadband connection is used when downloading. Please read our GIS Data Disclaimer.  Click on the links below to download the zip files.

  • Data Disclaimer
  • Data Requests:

    In accordance with the California open records law we are able to provide many of our non-critical infrastructure related GIS layers on an individual request basis. Please contact the GIS Division for any GIS related data requests you may have. We can usually provide the data layers in a variety of standard Esri software formats. While we are more than happy to provide the data we have available, we do require that it not be re-distributed. Zoning, Land use, and Contours are available for immediate download in shapefile format from the links above.  Unfortunately, the GIS Division is not able to create custom maps - we can only provide the source data. It is our intention with the Vista GIS website, users will be able to create their own maps.  

    Data Disclaimer:

    The City of Vista believes that it has used the best information available in the compilation and construction
    of the map layers and/or in the corresponding database. However, the City shall not be held responsible for the accuracy, suitability or correctness of the data or for the intended use to which such information.

    No warranty, expressed or implied, is made on the contents of the information and it shall be the responsibility
    of the intended user(s) to verify the same. In no event shall the City of Vista or any of its employees, consultants or agents become liable to users for use of this data, or any loss or damages, consequential or otherwise, including but not limited to time, money, or goodwill, arising from the use, and hold harmless the City of Vista for any and all liability of any nature arising out of, or resulting form, the lack of accuracy or correctness.

    The use of the maps and data are intended for public, non-commercial use. To assist the City in improving these maps and database, users are asked to submit plans or written analysis concerning errors and discrepancies. The City shall evaluate the data submitted and make changes as it deems necessary.

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