Watersheds & Jurisdictional Runoff Management Program

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On May 8, 2013, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted and issued a permit (Order No. R9-2013-0001; amended in 2015 as Order No. R9-2015-0001; and amended again in 2015 as Order No. R9-2015-0100) to all incorporated cities in San Diego County, including the City of Vista, as well as the County of San Diego, Port of San Diego, and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.  The permit sets regulatory requirements for stormwater runoff and discharges into local waterbodies.   

The City of Vista is located in the Carlsbad and San Luis Rey Watershed Management Areas. The City, along with other responsible agencies, has collaboratively developed Water Quality Improvement Plans (WQIPs) to address stormwater management in these two watersheds.  The WQIPs, associated annual reports, studies, and additional information can be found on the Project Clean Water website. 

The City of Vista’s Jurisdictional Runoff Management Program (JRMP) document describes strategies and activities the City will implement to meet WQIP goals and comply with the stormwater permit.  In 2017, the City updated its 2015 JRMP to make it consistent with Regional Board-approved changes made to the Carlsbad WQIP.  A summary of these revisions can be found in the Executive Summary and Introduction sections of the JRMP, which is provided in the Vista 2017 Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan - Final.  

Report a Problem

If you observe something being dumped into the storm drain or street, or observe water running in the street when it is not raining, please report it to the Water Quality hotline at 760.643.2804 or use the online Report a Problem form, or by email: waterquality@cityofvista.com