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Tree Trimming Schedule

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The City of Vista strives to improve its Urban Forest to enhance the quality of life for its residents. There are  approximately 19,000 trees within the city limits.  About 6,000 of these trees are planted on City owned property, which include street medians, City parks, open spaces, and public facilities. The remaining balance of trees are found lining the main and arterial roads or are privately owned trees planted in the public right-of-way portion of many parcels of land, during the development phase of home building projects.

During the past two years, the City has invested $253,000 in inspections and additional tree trimming. This action reduces the City's tree trimming cycle and improves the Urban Forest, benefitting both the City and the community. The current trimming schedule determined for city streets is every four years. In addition, when each tree is trimmed, the City inspects the tree, which is stored in a Tree Management database, called Arbor Access. The program, owned and managed by the City's tree trimming contractor, WCA Inc., assists the City and its partners in the management of Vista's Urban Forest.

For three consecutive years, the City of Vista has been awarded grants ($500,000) to plant 550 trees and to remove dead and diseased trees.


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