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Is the maximum allowable rent based on the tenant’s income?

No, the maximum allowable rent is based on the area median income for the household size.

What do I need to mail, and what can I email?

  • You can mail or email the initial and annual Occupancy Certification Forms, the ADU Program Packet, and the Lease Addendum. Covenant Agreements must be mailed or delivered to the Housing Division at the following address:

    Housing Division

    City of Vista
    200 Civic Center Drive, Vista, CA 92084

Do I need to wait until I rent the unit to file the Covenant Agreement?

No, you can file the CCR along with your building permit.  It is important that affordable housing is available, not that the property is occupied immediately upon signature.  You will need to send the Occupancy Certification Form within 30 days of any new tenant as well as annually on the CCR anniversary date.

Can I sign my Affordability Covenant Agreement before I submit my plans to the Building Department?