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Fire Department Executive Staff

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Fire Chief: Ned Vander Pol  

Vander Pol Fire Chief

  • Provides Leadership and Direction to Organization
  • Sets Fire Department Policy
  • Oversight of Contractual Services to Independent Vista Fire Protection District
  • Collaborates with and Supports other City Departments
  • Implements the Goals, Strategies, Programs and Policies of the Vista City Council
  • Oversees Implementation of the Strategic Plan
  • Monthly Statistical Reports
  • Terrorism Liaison Officer
  • Attends City Council and Fire Board Meetings
  • Voting Member on the United Disaster Council
  • Interacts with Various Community Groups
  • Maintains Partnerships with Regional Fire Departments
  • Monitors Community Fire Protection Practices
  • Supervises: 2 Deputy Chiefs, Secretary & 2 Management Analysts

Deputy Chief - Operations: Michael Easterling

Michael Easterling, Deputy Fire Chief

  • Operations (Fire, EMS, Hazardous Materials, Rescue)
  • Zone Operations Chief Representative
  • Mutual and Auto Aid Coordination
  • North County Dispatch Liaison
  • Report Management System Coordinator
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Manual of Operations, Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Relations, Internal Investigation, Personnel Matters
  • Pre-Employment Testing and Evaluation
  • Strike Team Leader
  • Work Force TeleStaff Administrator
  • Supervises: 3 Shift Battalion Chiefs, 1 Training Battalion Chief, Emergency Services Officer

 Deputy Chief - Administration, Fire Marshal: Craig Usher

Craig Usher Battalion Chief
  • Budget Administration   
  • ISO coordination and Accreditation Manager
  • Attend Fire District Meetings & Prepare Staff reports
  • Fire Code Administration
  • Fire Investigation
  • Facility Manager     
  • Coordinate Strike Team Reimbursement
  • Fire Code Review & Adoption
  • Inspection Programs
  • New Development / Plan Review
  • Public Education Program
  • Vegetation Management Program Coordination
  • Senior Volunteer and CERT Program Manager    
  • Strike Team Leader
  • Supervises: Assistant Fire Marshal and 2 Inspectors

Emergency Services Officer: Danielle Pearson

Emergency Svs Officer Danielle Pearson

  • EMS System Structure & Oversight
  • EMS Training Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • EMS Report Management System, Records Custodian
  • SDCFCA EMS Section, CAL Chiefs EMS Section Representative
  • Base Hospital, County and State EMS Liaison
  • Medical Supply, Equipment Specification and Purchase
  • Controlled Substance Manager
  • Privacy Officer (HIPPA)
  • Designated Officer (Blood Borne Pathogens)
  • Ambulance Billing Coordinator / EMB Budget
  • Protocol & Documentation Compliance
  • Certification / Recertification Management
  • Pre-employment Testing & Evaluation(s)
  • EMS Public Education
  • CITY AED/CPR Program

Battalion Chief Training / Health / Safety: Diane Collier

Diane Collier Battalion Chief

  • Training Program Manager
  • In-Service and Specialized Training    
  • Zone, County Chief's, So Cal TO Representative
  • Training Requests & Reimbursement
  • Promotional Exam Design and Preparation
  • Probationary Education, Training, Testing, Academy Recruit Testing
  • North Zone Consortium Liaison
  • Target Solutions / Training Report Administrator / CICCS-IQS coordinator 
  • JAC Program Administrator / Instructor of Record
  • Wellness Program Coordinator 
  • Representative to City Safety Committee and Department Safety Officer     
  • DMV drivers training program
  • UASI training grant manager
  • RBV Internship program coordinator
  • Fit testing coordinator
  • Strike Team Leader

Battalion Chief "A" Shift: Brian C. Gregson

Battalion Chief Brian Gregson

  • Command, Control and Coordination of Shift
  • Operational Procedures
  • Apparatus and Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  • Apparatus and Equipment Specifications and Purchasing
  • Apparatus and Equipment Testing and Certification
  • Incident Report Quality Assurance
  • Supervises: 6 Suppression Captains
  • Strike Team Leader 

Battalion Chief "B" Shift: Carl Alexander 

Battalion Chief Carl Alexander

  • Command, Control and Coordination of Shift
  • Operational Procedures
  • Facility Supply/Equipment Manager
  • Personal Protective Equipment Administrator
  • Incident Report Quality Assurance
  • Supervises: 6 Suppression Captains
  • Strike Team Leader (Trainee)

Battalion Chief "C" Shift: Jeff Schroeder

Battalion Chief Jeff Schroeder

  • Command, Control and Coordination of Shift
  • Operational Procedures
  • Communications equipment (800 MHz, VHF, MDC, Cell, tablet)
    Specification and Purchasing
  • Report Management System Coordinator
  • Information Technology Liaison
  • Incident Report Quality Assurance
  • Mapping and Pre-planning Administrator
  • Zone Communication and Technical User Group Representative
  • Supervises: 6 Suppression Captains
  • Strike Team Leader