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Red Flag Alert

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The Vista Fire Department stations are flying RED flags when “Red Flag Conditions” are declared by the National Weather Service for the Vista area. Red Flag conditions are when a number of environmental factors align to make ignition of a fire highly likely, and if started, the potential to grow and spread rapidly a high probability as well.

During red flag conditions, Vista Fire is asking that residents avoid activities that could result in a spark or heat exposure to fuels that could start a fire such as:

  • mowing or using powered yard equipment after 10 am
  • outdoor welding or grinding
  • any outdoor fires
  • careless disposal of smoking materials such as tossing cigarette butts
  • shooting
  • operating or parking cars or other motorized vehicles on or near dry vegetation

Red flag conditions are determined by low humidity, high temperatures, high winds, and low fuel moisture. When some or all of these conditions are present together, fuel is very easy to ignite and will burn surprisingly fast, leading to rapidly growing and spreading fires that are difficult to extinguish.

Please do your part and be fire safe every day, but especially on RED FLAG days.


National Weather Service