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Road & Traffic Improvements

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The City of Vista’s goal is to provide well-maintained streets for motorists. Both the Public Works and Engineering departments closely monitor the conditions of the streets and collaborate on annual road and traffic improvement program.

South Santa Fe Avenue

  • The area, known as Paseo Santa Fe, encompasses the S. Santa Fe Avenue corridor between Vista Village Drive and Civic Center Drive. Construction is taking place in three phases. Phase I was completed in 2016 and Phase II will be completed May, 2020. Phase III will follow immediately and the entire project is anticipated to be completed at the end of 2020. Learn more here.

Traffic Management Projects & Signal Modifications 

  • Traffic Signal Interconnect & Upgrade - Fiber optic traffic signal interconnect system was installed for traffic signals. The project allows for optimized traffic signal timing and coordinating, and will improve safety and operation for traffic signals. Completed. 

Citywide Biennial Slurry Seal

Slurry seal maintenance prolongs the life of existing street surfaces and helps minimize costly repairs and reconstruction later as the asphalt pavement degrades. This project places asphalt slurry over existing paved roads in specific zones, rotating around the City and added a new surface to streets that have been reconstructed over the past several years.  The slurry seal will also help prevent cracking of the existing paved surface. The project locations are identified by the City’s Pavement Management System. The work was primarily performed on residential streets. 

Citywide Biennial Street Rehabilitation 

Resurfacing streets with a new layer of asphalt concrete renews the existing street surface and helps reduce more costly repairs and reconstruction later, if the asphalt pavement were left to degrade.  This project occurs every two years. A new layer of asphalt concrete is placed over existing paved roads in specific zones, rotating around the City. Curb ramps are also be installed or replaced to meet current ADA standards and to make the sidewalks accessible to residents with mobility limitations. The project locations are primarily performed on residential streets. The project locations are identified by the City’s Pavement Management System. 

Engineering Department
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