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Barking Dog Complaints

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Barking dog complaints are handled by Animal Control Officers with the San Diego Humane Society within the city limits of Vista. Many times after an Animal Control Officer has contacted the dog owner the problem is solved. However, if the problem continues, residents have other options including:

  • Mediation
  • Calling the Sheriff’s Office
  • Notifying the Home Owners Association, or
  • Contacting a civil attorney.

The City encourages neighbors to work in a cooperative spirit to resolve the issue. The organization, National Conflict Resolution Center provides free mediation/ counseling service to the public. To arrange a mediation session between yourself and the dog owner, call 619.238.2400. Mediation allows both parties to explain their side of the situation to a neutral third party. 

If you do not choose to take advantage of the mediation process, or these efforts do not resolve the problem, contact the San Diego Humane Society at 619.243.3466 to report the problem. An Animal Control Officer will investigate the complaint. 

In order to determine if there is a city violation for barking dog, it may be necessary for you to provide the Animal Control Officer with documentation that constitutes a preponderance of evidence of dog barking that is: frequent or long and continuous, which is causing annoyance or discomfort to persons of normal sensitivity in the vicinity. It is recommended that you maintain a log containing specific details with dates and times of barking dog incidents.