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Online Communication Terms of Use

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The City of Vista uses social media and other online communication platforms as a way to provide information of interest to the Vista community about city services, issues, news and events. These platforms can also be a great way for the community to learn about and participate in city government. In the spirit of transparency in city government, please be aware that the city does not retain content on third party platforms. Social media and other online platforms that the city participates with are owned and operated by third party entities not affiliated with the City of Vista. Therefore, you are encouraged to contact city officials and staff directly through their city email addresses and phone numbers. To help ensure these sites are safe and productive places, please take a moment to become familiar with the following terms of use:



The City of Vista Facebook account operates as a limited forum for posts made by the City of Vista relating to services, issues, news, and events concerning the City of Vista, and for reply comments and posts made by the public with respect to the City posts. Public comments and posts may be rejected or removed when the content of a comment or post is unrelated to the subject of the City post; advertises a commercial product or service; promotes or endorses political campaigns or candidates; contains obscenities or offensive terms or images; is threatening, harassing or discriminatory; incites or promotes violence or illegal activities; contains information that could reasonably compromise public safety; infringes on legally-protected property rights; or makes an accusation that a person is guilty of a crime or immoral activity. In addition, the City may, from time-to-time, remove older comments or posts.

Any person commenting or posting to an account is solely responsible for his or her comments or posts, his or her username, and any information provided. Comments and posts to this account by members of the public do not reflect the opinions of the City, its officers, or employees. The City does not endorse, and disclaims liability for advertisements, videos, promoted content, or comments accessible from any external web page. Any content posted to this account is potentially available for immediate public viewing and may be further released to members of the public on request without prior notice to the party making the comment or post.

The account does function as a portal for official notices to the City, communications with the City, claims against the City, or any service of process on the City. All such notices and communications may only be provided and delivered to the City in the manner described by applicable law, regulation, or contract.

If you have any questions concerning the operation of this moderated online discussion site, please contact the City of Vista Communications Manager at


August, 2016
City of Vista City Attorney’s Office