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Central Vista Business Improvement District Advisory Board

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Central Vista Business Improvement District Advisory Board

The City Council called for the formation of a Central Vista Business Improvement District (CVBID) Advisory Board, under Ordinance No. 2011-7 and as amended by Ordinance No. 2019-01, appointing owners of businesses subject to the assessments within the District as the organization members.

The purpose of the CVBID Advisory Board is to recommend to the City Council the expenditures of revenue derived from the levy of assessments within the District, the classification of the businesses to be assessed, and the method and basis of levying the assessments. In addition, the Advisory Board shall meet at such times and for such purposes as the City Council may direct by Resolution.

Qualifications for Membership

Owner of business subject to the assessments within the Central Vista Business Improvement District, unless otherwise qualified and acceptable candidates meeting this requirement are unavailable.

The completed CVBID application can be mailed to the City Clerk's office at 200 Civic Center Drive, Vista, CA 92084, or faxed to 760.639.6126. For questions regarding the application process, contact Kathy Valdez, City Clerk, at 760.643.5320, or e-mail

CVBID Advisory Board Application

Download the application here


Meetings are held as needed, but not less than once each year, in the Vista Room located on the second floor of the Civic Center. Director of Economic Development, Kevin Ham, is the City Representative. Agenda inquiries should be directed to Kevin Ham, Director of Economic Development.

Occasionally, meetings are cancelled. Please click on "Current Meeting Agenda" link below for any Cancellation Notices.

Minutes are presented to the Board for approval at the next regular meeting, and are posted after they are approved.