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Common Questions

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Often many citizens call into our office with questions regarding possible fraud of local businesses, divorce, traffic tickets, DUI records, and past crimes that need to be addressed. The City Attorney's Office does not handle any of these situations. Please scan below for common questions and ideas on where to search for help. The District Attorney, Lawyer Referral Line, and the Vista Courthouse are some examples of other agencies that help in situations mentioned above.

What is the difference between the City Attorney's Office and District Attorney's Office?

The District Attorney's Office, 760.806.4004, is a department of the County of San Diego. It engages in prosecutions of crimes which occur in San Diego County. It also has specialized units that deal with such issues as Family Support and Juvenile Services. The City Attorney's Office represents the City Council and all City departments and agencies in their various legal affairs (drafting contracts, ordinances, resolutions, etc.)

How do I get a copy of a provision of the Vista Municipal Code?

The entire Municipal Code is available online on the City of Vista website. If you have any questions on finding a particular code in the Municipal Code please contact the City Clerk at 760.639.6125.

A City vehicle or work crew damaged my property. What can I do?

If you believe you have a valid claim against the City, contact the City's Risk Management Division at 760.639.6131.

Can I get legal advice from the City Attorney's Office if I live in the City of Vista?

No. The City Attorney's Office does not advise nor represent individuals in private legal matters. Private legal matters must be handled by attorneys retained by the individuals. You may want to contact the Lawyer Referral Line at 760. 758.4755 for assistance.

Can I file a complaint against my neighbor with the City Attorney's Office?

No. The City Attorney's Office represents the City of Vista and its departments and divisions. All civil disputes must be handled by the individuals through a private attorney. If you believe your neighbor has committed a crime, report it to the San Diego Sheriffs Office non-emergency line at 760.940.4551.

I received a red light ticket and have questions regarding its process?

Please contact the Traffic Engineering department regarding questions with disputes or concerns on "red light" tickets. 760.639.6116.

I received a parking ticket during street sweeping from Code Compliance, how do I pay or dispute it?

If you want to dispute the ticket received please contact Code Enforcement at 760.639.6141, payment for the ticket should be taken to the Finance Department "Cashier" window. 760.639.6170.