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   Rigby Amanda

     City Council Member  
     District 3  

         2012-2016 Council Member
         2016 Deputy Mayor         
         2016-2020 Council Member 
         2020 Deputy Mayor



Ms. Rigby was appointed to serve as Deputy Mayor for a one year term on December 10, 2019. She is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and is proud of the City’s current financial stability with the upgrade in bond rating, elimination of the structural deficit, and the City’s emergency reserves now at 29%, up from nearly 10% in 2012.  Being opposed to tax increases and governmental over regulation, Councilwoman Rigby is always looking at ways to reduce the burden of doing business in the City as well as ways to attract businesses to the City.

Councilwoman Rigby's vision for Vista is to maintain and improve our quality of life by continuing to be committed to sound fiscal policies, positive economic growth, well planned community growth, maintenance of our parks and streets, and continuing to expand our arts and culture identity throughout the City. As a Girl Scout leader and Boy Scout leader, she is also committed to our City's youth and high on her agenda was finding suitable skateboard options for them and she is very proud that we now have two skateparks. She continues to seek innovative amenities for our City parks.

Ms. Rigby was also instrumental in bringing the latest in technological advances to the city, making it easier for residents to report incidents, review licensing requirements, view maps of our walking and bike trails, etc., and is very proud of her role in the creation of the City’s mobile app, ACCESS VISTA, which is available for both IOS and Android.

Ms. Rigby served the League of California Cities as President for both the San Diego County Division (2016-2018) and the Mayors & City Council Members Department (2018-2019), and currently serves on the Revenue Taxation Policy Committee.

In addition to holding a degree in Social Science, Ms. Rigby received her graduate diploma in Paralegal Studies with a specialization in Civil Litigation from the University of San Diego.  She also attended the Executive Education in Public Policy program at the University of Southern California twice; first in the general program and second for the newly created Latino community specific program. She is also a published author.

Ms. Rigby and her husband, D'Arcy, have lived in Vista since 1993 and raised their now adult children here. Their two children were members of the City's Youth Commission, each serving as Chairman. Their daughter also served our community as Miss Teen Vista and again as Miss Vista.

City Appointments

  • Encina Wastewater Authority
    Board of Directors
    Vice Chair, Policy & Finance Committee
    Public Safety policy Committee
    Regional Energy Working Group
    Alternate to the Board of Directors


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