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Central Vista Business Improvement District (CVBID)

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The Central Vista Business Improvement District (CVBID) is an area in downtown Vista in which business owners pay an assessment fee that goes toward programs, events and marketing to attract people to Downtown Vista. The activities of the CVBID are overseen by the CVBID Advisory Board, seven business owners appointed by City Council. Administration of the CVBID is overseen by City staff. 

Have questions? If you are a business owner inside the district and are curious about how much your assessment is, or if you have general questions, please contact the Economic Development Department at 760.643.5243.

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RFP and Grant Opportunities

No opportunities at this time.


  • 5/15/19 Website Administrator proposals due by 2:00pm 
  • 5/13/19 CVBID Advisory Board votes on grant application finalists to move forward to the interview phase of the review process 
  • 4/18/19 Application dues for the CVBID Grant Program 
  • 4/16/19 RFP posted soliciting a Website Administrator for the new Downtown Vista website
  • 4/15/19 CVBID Advisory Board Approves the Website Administrator RFP 
  • 3/18/19 The Application for the CVBID Grant Program is now live! Access the program description and application here. 
  • 3/13/19 Applications for the CVBID Grant Program open on March 18, 2019 and all applications will be due on April 18, 2019. The program description and application will be posted on this webpage.  
  • 3/12/19 City Council conducted a public hearing regarding levying assessments for the CVBID and adopted a resolution to continue the CVBID into the 2019/ 2020 fiscal year which begins July 1, 2019. There were no changes to the boundaries, fees or work plan from the previous year. Read City Council Resolution 2019-30 here.
  • 2/27/19 A public hearing is scheduled for March 12, 5:30pm during the City Council meeting at the City Hall Council Chambers (located on the second floor), 200 Civic Center Drive, Vista, CA 92084. If you are a business owner in the BID and you would like to voice your comments, please do so at this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to pass a resolution to continue the CVBID into the 2019/2020 fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2019. 
  • 2/27/19 - a letter from the CVBID Advisory Board Chair mailed to the CVBID members (business owners in the district) can be found here
  • 2/26/19 - City Council adopted Resolution 2019-25, scheduling a date and time for the CVBID intent to levy public hearing on March 12, 5:30pm. Read City Council Resolution 2019-25 here
  • 2/26/19 - City Council adopted Resolution 2019-26, establishing the CVBID Grant Program as a means to distribute funds for the 2019/2020 year. Ready City Council Resolution 2019-26 here
  • 1/30/19 - the CVBID Advisory Board approves the CVBID Grant Program as a means to distribute funds for the 2019/2020 fiscal year, to be presented to City Council for final approval. 
  • 1/22/19 - City Council adopts Ordinance 2019-1 removing the requirement that three of the four CVBID advisory board members will be nominated by the nonprofit Vista Village Business Association (VVBA) because the VVBA is no longer administering the CVBID. Reach the City Council Ordinance 2019-1 here
  • 12/5/19 - the CVBID Advisory Board approves the Annual Report, providing recommendations to the City Council for the 2019/2020 fiscal year. Read the Annual Report here
  • 11/27/18 - City Council voted to terminate the agreement with the Vista Village Business Association (VVBA) to administer the CVBID and directed City staff to administer the CVBID for the remainder of the 2018/2019 fiscal year. Read the minutes from the meeting here, this item is listed under D-2. 


CVBID Boundary Map



CVBID Assessment Schedule

Businesses pay a different assessment depending on the type of business and where it is located within the district. Here is a chart outlining assessment fees.

Business Classification

Number of Employees

Zone A

Zone B

Zone C

Retail & Restaurant


$ 300

$ 168

$ 67



$ 450

$ 250

$ 100



$ 600

$ 333

$ 133



$ 750

$ 418

$ 167



$ 225

$ 125

$ 50

Professional & Other


$ 150

$ 83

$ 33

Financial Institution


$ 750

$ 625

$ 500


CVBID Work Plan

The CVBID Advisory Board allocates the CVBID funds toward programs, events and marketing activities that accomplish the following:

  1. General promotion of business activities
  2. Promotion of public events
  3. Decoration of public places
  4. Furnishing music for public places/events
  5. Acquisition, construction, installation and/or maintenance of improvements
  6. Other operating activities


Current Projects

For the remainder of the fiscal year, the CVBID is focused on creating a website to market all downtown businesses. This website will contain listings and locations off all businesses in the district, as well as events and nearby parking. Soon, the City of Vista will be reaching out to all business owners to make sure their information is up-to-date for the new website.

Also, the CVBID continues to support events in Downtown Vista. To request that your downtown event added to the City of Vista event calendar, please contact the CVBID Administrator, Jennifer Schoeneck at least one month prior to your event at Make sure to check and see if your event requires a special event permit.


Contact Us

If you have questions about the CVBID, please contact the CVBID administrator, Deliliah Langan.


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