Boys AA Division High School

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 Boys AA Playoff FINALS 16-17

Boys AA schedule 2017





1. Coach Nick Brizeno 




2. HQ Plumbing - Coach Wybrant Taylor




3. PIZZAMANIAC - Coach Carl Toft




4. Coach Frank Murdock




5. Coach Kyle Owens




6. Coach Rodney Hall




 7. North County Sr. Softball - Coach Nick Patrick






Season Standings

 1st - Nick Brizeno

2nd - HQ Plumbing - Wybrant Taylor

3rd - North County Sr. Softball - Nick Patrick (H 2 H x2 win over Owens)

4th - Kyle Owens

5th - Frank Murdock

6th - Rodney Hall (H 2 H win over Toft)

7th - Pizzamaniac - Carl Toft


Top scorers for Boys AA

Week 1 - Jan 4th, Players of the week Christopher Ontiveros 28pts &

Cameron Shipper 24pts

Jordan Hudson 12pts, Cameron Lily 9pts, Devon Mitchell 8pts, Brandon Noar 8pts, Christopher Ontiveros 28pts, Jalen Gaskins 19pts, Abraham Espinoza 18pts, Dorian Owens 7pts Bryan Palacios 7pts, Brandon Palacios 7pts, John Melton 7pts, Jake Kentner 12pts

January 5th - Anthonie Patrick 15pts, Ryan Howey 14pts, Jesse Munoz 21pts, Mario Alcantar 9pts, Cameron Shipper 24pts, Brian Huddleson, Jake Acosta 10pts

Week 2 - Jan 7th Players of the week Cameron Schipper 29pts & Christopher Ontiveros 22pts

Cameron Schipper 29pts, Bryan Huddleson 17pts, Abraham Espinoza 15pts, Dorian Owens 11pts, Christopher Ontiveros 22pts, Jalen Gaskins 11pts, Jordan Lee 14pts, Jesse Munoz 22pts, Mario Alcantar 14pts, Randall Navarro 13pts, Cameron Lily 13pts, Spence Nettles 12pts, Alexander Atherly 11pts,

January 11th - Christopher Ontiveros 15pts, Billy Mattern 12pts, Jalen Gaskins 10pts, Dorian owens 18pts, Abraham Espinoza 17pts, Brandon Noar 13pts, Alex Atherly 10pts

Week 3 - Jan 14th Players of the week Christopher Ontiveros 23pts & Jesse Munoz 21pts

Christopher Ontiveros 23pts, Ryan Smiths 14pts, Jalen Gaskins 12pts, Cameron Schipper 19pts, Jalen Lee 16pts, Dominique Hall 15pts, Mario Alcantar 18pts Jesse Munoz 21pts, Nate Honorio 13pts, Ryan Howley 11pts, Cameron Lilly 14pts, Alexander Atherly 16pts, Devon Mitchell 10pts

Jan 18th - Paul Bonifacio 9pts, Dorian Owens 16pts, Abraham Espinoza 11pts, Bryan Palacios 11pts, Anthony Divito 21pts, Cameron Schipper 14pts, Bryan Huddleson 13pts. Ryan Howey 18pts

Jan 19th - Cameron Lily 12pts, Jorden lee 17pts, Jake Acosta 10pts, Christopher Ontiveros 17pts, Billy Mattem 10pts, Ryan Howey 16pts, Nate Honorio 10pts, Sean Conti 10pts

Week 4 - Jan 21st Player of the week Jesse Munoz 35pts

Cameron Schipper 23pts, Preston Forsberg 12pts, Camron Lilly 13pts, Christopher Ontiveros 25pts, Billy Mattern 19pts, Ryan Smiths 15pts, Jesse Munoz 35pts, Randall Navaro 15pts, Ryan Howey 17pts, Anthony Patrick 14pts, John Melton 15pts, Abraham Espinoza 10pts 

Jan 25th - John Melton 18pts, Cameron Lilly 13pts, Brandon Noar 11pts, Jake Acosta 12pts, Cameron Schipper 28pts, Anthony Divito 11pts

Week 5 - Jan 28th Player of the week Jorden Lee 24pts

Ryan Howley 19pts, Nathan Honorio 14pts, Cameron Lily 15pts, Jordan Hudson 10pts, Jorden Lee 24pts, Jesse Munoz 22pts, Nikko Taylor 18pts, Christopher Ontiveros 17

Feb 2nd - Cameron Lily 20pts, Jesse Munoz 19pts, Nikko Taylor 22pts, Abraham Espinoza 31pts, Christopher Ontiveros 23pts,

Week 6 - Feb 4th Player of the week Chris Ontiveros 21pts

Randall Navarro 18pts, Cameron Schipper 19pts, Abe Espinoza 18pts, Chris Ontiveros 21pts, Jake Acosta 16pts, Ryan Howey 19pts, Anthonie Patrick 18pts

 Feb 8th - Anthonie Patrick 16pts, Nathan Honorio 12pts, Jordan Lee 19pts, Dominique Hall 15pts, Abraham Espinoza 12pts, John Melton 12pts, Mario Alcantar 10pts,

Week 7 - Feb 11th Player of the week Cameron Schipper 27pts

Cameron Schipper 27pts, Ruben Pullido-Leon 11pts, Cameron Lily 16pts, Alexander Atherly 10pts, Nathan Honorio 10pts, Abraham Espinoza 13pts, Mark Loury 13pts, Jesse Munoz 22pts,

Week 8 - Feb 18th Player of the week Cameron Schipper 43pts

Nathan Honorio 16pts, Anthonie Patrick 12pts, Jordan Lee 20pts, Dominique Hall 12pts, Cameron Schipper 43pts, Ruben Pulido-Leon 17pts, Bryan Huddleson 16pts, Brandon Noar 15pts, Alexander Atherly 14pts, Spence Nettles 12pts, Abraham Espinoza 17pts, Jesse Munoz 19pts,

 Week 9 - Feb 25th  Player of the week Abraham Espinoza 27pts

Jordan Lee 13pts, Christopher Toft 21pts, Christopher Ontiveros 16pts, Abraham Espinoza 27pts, Nathan Honorio 24pts, Nikko Taylor 13pts

Week 10 Finals Players of the year Chris Ontiveros & Cameron Schipper

Congratulations to all teams for a great season!

Your 2017 Boys AA Champions are HQ Plumbing Coach Wybrant Taylor.


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