Road & Traffic Improvements

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The City of Vista’s goal is to provide well-maintained streets for motorists. Both the Public Works and Engineering departments closely monitor the conditions of the streets and collaborate on annual road and traffic improvement program.

Safe Routes to School Projects

  • Maryland Elementary Sidewalk Improvements: Constructed sidewalk on North Avenue, W. Los Angeles Drive and East Drive. Extends sidewalks along North Drive from N. Melrose Avenue to El Pico Court; W. Los Angeles Drive between North Drive and W. California Avenue; and East Drive between North Drive and Cajon Circle. Driver speed feedback signs were installed on North Drive to keep motorists aware of the posted speed limit. Work was completed in fall, 2017.   

Roadway Safety Project

  • E. Vista Way Raised Medians: Install raised, landscaped medians on E. Vista Way between Fire Station #6 and Williamston Street. The project is intended to improve safety and traffic flow for motorists without widening the road. Design has been completed. The City Council awarded a contract for construction on January 23, 2018.  Construction started in June, 2018, and the work is scheduled to be completed in November, 2018.

Traffic Management Projects & Signal Modifications 

  • South of Hwy 78: Upgrade Signals & Interconnect. Bids were opened on July 5, 2018. The City Council will consider awarding a contract in August 2018.
  • N. Melrose Drive @ W. Vista Way: Added a third southbound through lane between Ascot and W. Vista Way; widened the east side to accommodate a future third lane. This work was completed in June, 2018.

Citywide Biennial Street Rehabilitation (CIP 8225)

This project has been completed. A portion of this project was funded with a CalRecycle grant. In 2016 the City of Vista submitted a regional application, in collaboration with the City of Oceanside, to CalRecycle under the Rubberized Pavement Grant Program. The Rubberized Pavement Grant Program supplemented the cost of installing 6,719.81 tons of rubberized asphalt in Vista. The rubberized asphalt diverted 10,589.3 used California tires from going into a landfill. CalRecycle_HrzntlColor - Copy


Citywide Biennial Slurry Seal (CIP 8262)

This project is currently in the design phase. The citywide slurry seal project will begin in summer, 2018.


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