Skate Park Murals

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Call Updates and Questions/Answers 

Update for January 20, 2017
The restroom at the 510 location is an option for the submittal. Artist concepts can include the restroom building or may be omitted. Because the structure is coated with anti-graffiti coating, the structure walls cannot be directly painted; however, the commission will consider all other ideas for this area including affixing mixed media, mural panels or other art on the walls. All ideas welcome.

1. What does the City anticipate/require for longevity of the art? How often, if at all, do you think the City will want to "rotate" murals?
a. We anticipate the art will be permanent. We hadn’t previously considered rotating but are open to all ideas.

Update for January 19, 2017
1. How will artist payment be handled?
a. The contract will be negotiated once the artist is selected but we typically do 60%-70% up front and the rest upon completion.

2. Will the Commission consider mixed media proposals?
a. Yes, we will consider all proposals but long term maintenance is a consideration for all proposals.

3. Will you accept a link to my website as my resume?
a. No. Please submit the items as listed in the Call.

Update for January 12, 2017

Call Updates:
The restroom at the 510 location has been removed from the call. City staff is evaluating other options in order to add additional square footage for this site.

Artist Questions:
1. Can we submit as a team?
a. Individuals and/or teams are invited to participate in the submittal process.

2. How many artists will be selected for the project?
a. One artist/artist team will be selected for each site. There is a possibility one artist/team will be selected for both sites.

3. When will a rendering or final drawing be due?
a. Artists will be invited to create a rendering after artist interviews.

4. What supplies and materials will be provided?
a. The artists will need to supply their own materials and supplies for the project.

5. Who is responsible for priming the walls?
a. Priming the walls will be the responsibility of the selected artist/team.

6. Who is responsible for graffiti proofing the walls after the murals are complete?
a. We are researching and considering this question and will update our answer as soon as possible.

7. Is water available onsite?
a. Yes

8. Is onsite storage available?
a. There is currently no storage available on the site.

9. Are community volunteers permitted to participate?
a. The Commission is interested in all various proposals.

10. At either site, will there be a walkway between the parking lot mural and the cars.
a. No.

11. Do the sites have spaces for people to hang out and sit?
a. Yes.

12. Have the skateparks been named?
a. No.

13. Has the City asked the community what they want on the murals?
a. Not specifically related to the murals however, the parks were created based on input from the community.

If you have further questions, please submit them to and we will include them on this list.