Successor Agency to Vista Redevelopment Agency

Vista’s Redevelopment Agency’s (RDA) efforts have provided the City of Vista with much needed community services, infrastructure improvements, and job opportunities, such as the Vista Business Park, Vista Village, North County Square,and the Vista Transit Center. As required by State Legislation, the RDA was dissolved as of February 1, 2012. While the Agency no longer exists, the Successor Agency (City of Vista) has assumed responsibility for administering enforceable obligations of the RDA, completing existing projects, and moving forward with the process of formally dissolving the RDA operations over time.


Redevelopment & Housing

The Redevelopment & Housing Department works to facilitate positive change in the Vista community. The department is comprised of five main business units: Redevelopment, Housing, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Economic Development and Community Improvement.



Housing programs include first-time home buyer down payment assistance, rehabilitation, mobile home space rental assistance, and homeless prevention programs. The department also lends a hand with fair housing disputes through the assistance of North County Lifeline.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Main priorities of the CDBG program are to ensure decent affordable housing for all, provide services to the most vulnerable, create jobs and expand business opportunities. The 2014- 2018 Consolidated Plan identifies housing, community, and economic development needs. It has a strategy with an action plan to meet those needs. Most of the programs in the Consolidated Plan are funded by Community Development Block Grant funds and Redevelopment Housing Set-Aside funds.

The Community Improvement unit focuses on community building and outreach, neighborhood revitalization, public safety, and also serves as a community liaison to law enforcement.


The Redevelopment & Housing Department provides staff support for the following City of Vista Commissions/Committees/Boards: