Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I report maintenance issues in the City?

Please contact the Public Works Department at 760. 639.6177 for non-emergency situations. Hours for the Public Works Department are 6:30 am to 4 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 6:30 am to 3 pm on alternate Fridays. (City is closed on every other Friday.)

Q. How do I report an emergency situation (sewer blockage/overflow, stop sign down, street blocked due to downed tree) when Public Works is closed?

Call 760.825.3135 for sewer related calls (e.g. spill, blockage, odor); street related calls (e.g. debris in roadway, tree down, sink hole, flooding, street light pole down, oil spill, traffic sign down; for parks related calls (e.g. water main break, broken irrigation line, tree down).

Q. How do I report a traffic signal out or damaged when Public Works is closed?

Please contact Siemens at 619.562.1104.

Q. I live in the unincorporated part of Vista (even though I have a Vista mailing address), how do I contact someone for Public Works concerns?

Residents that live in the unincorporated area should contact the San Diego County Department of Public Works at 760.510.2440.

Q. What is the street sweeping schedule for my area?

The City of Vista streets are swept twice a month on specified days and at specified times. Signs indicating parking restrictions for the days and hours for the street sweeping schedule are posted at key locations within the neighborhoods. If you have any questions concerning street sweeping in your area, please contact the Public Works Department at 760.643 5454 during normal business hours.

Q. Will my street be swept on rainy days and Holidays?

Streets are not swept on rainy days or City-recognized holidays, and schedules for the week are not changed to accommodate either. If a rainy day or City-recognized holiday falls on your regular sweeping day, it is canceled, and no make-up days are scheduled. Your street will be swept on the next regular sweeping day.

Q. How do I pay for sewer service?

The City of Vista and the Buena Sanitation District provide sewer service to over 21,600 customers combined. Sewer service is billed annually as part of the San Diego County Assessor’s property tax bill and is based on service type and approved rates. To determine which agency provides your sewer service consult the Sewer Service Area Boundaries map. For a copy of current sewer rates see either the City of Vista Sewer Service Rate Table or the Buena Sanitation District Sewer Service Rate Table.

For more Information call 760.643.5360.

Q. How do I connect to the sewer system?

Sewer capacity charges, also known as wastewater discharge permit fees or sewer connection fees, are one-time fees paid when new development or expansion of existing development occurs and is based on the number of equivalent dwelling units (EDUs) projected to be contributed to the system. Sewer capacity charges are adjusted annually to reflect the impact of inflation on sewer facility construction costs. For additional information regarding connection to the sewer system please contact the Sanitation Engineering Division at 760.643.6115.

Q. Where can I get sandbags?

A limit of 10 sandbags for City of Vista residents are available at the Public Works Yard at 1165 E. Taylor Street any business day. Proof of residency is required (Photo ID). Additionally, we will have information regarding where sand can be obtained to fill the sandbags.

Q. Who do I call when I see a dead dog in the street or a stray animal?

Call the San Diego County Humane Society at 760.757.4357.

Water Service or Water Leak   Vista Irrigation District   760.597.3100  
Trash Service / Issues   EDCO   760. 727.1600  
Dead Animal Pickup   Humane Society   877.742.5787  
Removal of bees on private property   Dennis Jobe OR
Gemini Pest Control
760. 726.1436
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal   HHW   800. 714.1195  
Solid Waste   Regional Solid Waste Association (RSWA   619. 607.8115