Kites Over Vista - Fourth Exhibit

The Public Arts Commission is proud to present the winning sculptures for the Fourth Kites Over Vista sculpture exhibit. They were on display from May, 2011 to December 2012.

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Kites Higher Standdards

Higher Standards by Sergey Gornuskin

back to basics kite sculpture

Back to Basics by Daniel Perez

Wind Dancer Kites sculpture

Wind Dancer by Robert Rochin

paper plane kite sculpture

Paper Plane by Hollis Swan

Nose Time Kite sculpture

Nose Time by Josh Bowman

Winds of Change Kites sculpture

Winds of Change

by Rick & Jaydon Sterling-Randall

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Star Struck Kites Sculpture

Star Struck by Anthony Lugo

Unknown Life Kite sculpture

Unkown Life by Adriana Francisco

The Big Blue Kite by Robert Rochin

The Big Blue Kite* by Robert Rochin

*Donated to City for permanent display.

Joy Figure by Robert Rochin

Joy Figure* by Josh Bowman

*Donated to City for permanent display.

Flock of Kites by Robert Rochin

Flock of Kites* by Robert Rochin

*Donated to City for permanent display.


The third exhibit is currently on sale.

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