Frequently Asked Questions


What projects are out to bid?

Click the following: Listing of all Advertised Projects

Where do I find benchmarks?

Vista's benchmark maps are compiled from various field surveys ranging from 1982 to 2006.

Where do I get a Development Permit?

Contact Development Services at (760) 639-6108 or visit Community Development page.


How do I find out if my property is on sewer or septic?

Please contact Roger Brenzel at (760) 726-1340 x1374 or email

Information about private sewer laterals, conversion from septic systems to city sewer, connecting to sewer system?

Please contact Roger Brenzel at (760) 726-1340 x1374 or email

Questions on sewer requirements or capacity charges for residential, commercial or industrial sites?

Please contact Roger Brenzel at (760) 726-1340 x1374 or email

Questions on sewer service or sewer billing?

Sewer service is billed annually as part of the San Diego County Assessor's property tax bill and is based on service type and approved rates. To determine which agency provides your sewer service, consult the Sewer Service Area Boundaries map. For a copy of current sewer rates see either the City of Vista Sewer Service Rate Table or the Buena Sanitation District Sewer Service Rate Table. For more information call (760) 726-1340 x1036 or 1037.

Questions about the Waste Management Plan for your city-permitted construction project?

Please contact the City Building Inspector assigned to your project. That person will assist you with your Waste Management Plan when required.

How do I report a sewer spill?

Please contact the Wastewater Division at (760) 726-1340 x1662 during normal working hours. For after hour emergency situations call (877) 804-1088.

After wastewater is collected, where does it go?

Visit the Encina Wastewater Authority (EWA) website.

Questions on septic systems/leach fields?

Please contact the County Health Department at (760) 471-0730.

Stormwater Related:

How do I report illegal discharge of pollutants into a storm drain or creek or a clogged drainage ditch?

Please call the Stormwater Hotline at (760) 726-1340 x1686 or email

What do I need to do before holding a fundraiser car wash?

Fundraiser car washes are not allowed within the City of Vista because they generate pollution such as dirt, oil, grease, metals, and soap that go into the city storm drain system without treatment and flow to our local creeks and waterways. We recommend using commercial car washes which are designed to contain, capture, and prevent wash water from entering storm drains and creeks. Many local car wash operators have agreed to offer discounted car wash coupons or tokens to organizations loooking to hold fundraisers, which can in turn be sold at a higher price to raise funds. Contact or call (760) 726-1340 x1686 for more information.

What do I need to do before draining my pool or spa?

Pool and spa water may be discharged to the storm drain ONLY if it has been properly dechlorinated and does not contain othe chemicals. Before you discharge your swimming pool or spa wate to the storm drain, make sure the water does not contain chlorine, acid, chemicals, algae, or other pollutants. Flow must be controlled so that it does not casue erosion problems. More information can be found in the City's Best Management Practices for Swimming Pools, Fountains, and Spas brochure.

Why is FOG (Fats, Oils, & Grease) a problem?

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) can accumulate in the City's sewer lines, reducing capacity and increasing the amount of maintenance required. Sewer overflows can also occure due to lines clogged with FOG.

How often are FOG permitted food service establishments inspected by the City?

All facilities are inspected annually for compliance with FOG requirements.

What can my business do to help reduce FOG?

Ensure any dishwashers are set below 140 degrees F. Do not clean floor mats or exhaust hood filters within sinks or dishwashers. Ensure that used plates are scraped clean into the garbage prior to washing within a sink or dishwasher. Clean and maintain grease traps/interceptors regularly; they should never exceed 30% capacity.

How do I volunteer for the next creek clean-up?

The City of Vista participates in annual creek cleanups in the fall and spring. Vista regularly hosts a site for regional events including the Creek to Bay in April and Coastal Clean Up Day in the Fall. If you would like to volunteer, contact Cleanup event information can be found on the City website or the following websites: or

Traffic Related:

Who do I contact to report a malfunctioning traffic signal, burned out street lights, faded roadway striping, or damaged traffic signs?

Please contact Public Works at (760) 636-6176.

How do I report traffic signal problems at FREEWAY ON/OFF ramps?

Please contact CALTRANS at (619) 688-3275.

If I get a red light camera ticket, who do I contact with questions?

Contact the Sheriff's Department at (760) 414-3364 for assistance.

Who do I contact about traffic control plans?

Please contact Jaime Osorio at or (760) 726-1374 x1387.

Questions on Right-of-Way permits, Wide Load permits or applications for these permits?

Please contact Roger Brenzel at (760) 726-1340 x1374 or email

For issues or questions on items listed below, please visit the Traffic Division webpage or call (760) 639-6116.

  • Parking issues
  • Roadway striping changes
  • School traffic issues
  • Signal timing
  • Speed humps
  • Stop signs or traffic signs
  • Traffic safety


How can I report or obtain information about street and/or pothole repairs?

Please contact Public Works during business hours Mon-Thurs from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm. Please call (760) 726--1340 x1606. After hours: (760) 726-1340 x1611. Please leave contact name/phone number and location of pothole.

Why is my lender requiring me to buy flood insurance?

For information click here.

Questions on City-owned properties and easements or acquisition of property for public projects?

Please contact Right-of-Way Agent Kim Cruz at or (760) 726-1340 x1103.

Where can I get rid of used motor oil?

It is illegal to dispose of hazardous waste in the garbage, down storm drains, or onto the ground. You can recycle your used motor oil and oil filters by taking them to the City of Vista Household Hazardous Waste Facility located at 1145 East Taylor Street, Vista on Saturdays from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Contact number is (800) 714-1195.