Engineering Department

The City of Vista Engineering Department is responsible for the management of public infrastructure. The Director of Community Development and Engineering is John Conley.


Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Construction of all public buildings and infrastructure projects is accomplished through the Capital Improvement Projects Division. Whether the City needs a wide road, new sidewalks, a new building, a new bike path, landscaped medians along high traffic areas, or a larger-sized sewer pipe to accommodate the growth of Vista neighborhoods, our Capital Improvement Projects team is ready to provide the services needed to improve the quality of our public facilities and infrastructure.

Land Development

The Land Development Division is responsible for providing comments on proposed projects for the pre-application process, providing comments on Planning applications, checking grading plans, improvement plans, associated technical reports related to hydrology, water quality and soils, and final maps for private development projects. Customers coming to the permit counter for general engineering information are assisted by staff from this division. In addition, inspection of grading and improvements is provided for private development projects.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the design, installation, and monitoring of traffic signals, signs, road markings, and other measures to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic on city streets.

Water Utililies

All publicly owned and maintained sanitary sewer infrastructure is designed, reviewed, and approved by the City's Water Utilities Division. The goal of the Water Utilities Division is to ensure that all pipes are adequately sized to handle the amount of flow entering from our homes, apartments, businesses, and public facilities.

Water Quality Protection Program

The Water Quality Protection Program is a multi-faceted division which strives to prevent, control, and eliminate pollutants from entering our storm drain system. Pollutants that enter the storm drain system eventually end up in our creeks, rivers, lakes, lagoons and ocean.


Vista's Right-of-Way Division focuses on three critical areas of public interest: records maintenance of City-owned properties and easements, acquisition of property for public projects, and management services for certain City owned properties.

Contact:  Kim Cruz, Right-of-Way Agent - (760) 643-5420,

Geographic Information Systems

The Engineering Department’s staff works with the City's Geographic Information System (GIS) Division and the public to help develop, maintain, and access information about the City’s infrastructure, facilities, and publicly-owned areas.