Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find available retail, industrial or office space/property?

A good place to start is the Available Space listings in the Business section of this website. You will find available commercial and industrial spaces, along with their square footage, location and lease/purchase rates. Also listed is the contact name and number of the broker representing the property.

Who do I call when I want to start a business in the city?

A great resource to help you start your business in Vista is our Keys Steps to Starting a Business in Vista site. This site explains everything you need to know on starting your business and provides valuable resources and links. You can also download the brochure which is available in English and Spanish.

What happens if I encounter problems with the development of my property or business?

If you happen to encounter problems, you can contact the City's Ombudsman, Kevin Ham. You may contact Kevin by e-mail at or by calling 760.639.6165.

How do I get a business license?

Anyone doing business in the city of Vista must have a business license. You will need your business address, type of business, and zoning clearance from the Planning Division. You can download the business license application or stop by the Business License Counter at City Hall located at 200 Civic Center Drive.

How do I get financing for my business?

Check out these links to help you find financing for your business: The Small Business Administration at and the CDC Small Business Finance at

How do I find out about economic development activities within the city?

Please look through our website for economic development activities or contact Kevin Ham by e-mail at or by calling 760.639.6165.

How do I get help with locating my business in the city?

If you are relocating your business to Vista, you can start by browsing through listing to find the location suitable for your needs. Also check out the Key Steps to Starting a Business in Vista which will help guide you through the process. If you are unable to find what you are looking or need a little more assistance, please contact Kevin Ham at or call 760.639.6165.