Community Development

The Community Development Department provides and coordinates development information and services to the public. Specifically, this involves inspection and enforcement of City-adopted building codes, plan checking for code compliance, issuance of City-required permits, record keeping of city maps, and processing of site development plans.



The Building Division is responsible for ensuring that structures adhere to minimum standards to safeguard life, health, property and the public welfare. This is accomplished through building plan review, issuance of building permits and inspection of buildings to ensure compliance with local and state laws. The Building Division is also responsible for providing staff support to the Building Board of Appeals, which convenes on an as-needed basis to address building issues. Building permits information and handouts are available at the Development Services counter or by contacting 760.639.6108. Building inspections can be requested at the Development Services counter, via the Inspection Request Line at 760.639.6106 or online (Online Building Inspection Request).

Development Services

Development Services provides one-stop permitting for development customers. The Development Service Center is the initial point of contact for information pertaining to development issues, permit applications and development fees. It is also the final contact for issuance of all permits. This office maintains files of all city maps.


The Planning division is tasked with ensuring land uses in Vista comply with City codes, the General Plan, City Council and Planning Commission policies, and state law requirements. Approval of projects through the planning process is required prior to issuing grading and building permits. The Planning Division handles environmental review of public and private projects. Advanced planning programs provided by the division include a comprehensive General Plan update, preparing and amending specific plans, and conducting special land use studies as directed by the Planning Commission and City Council.