Vista Sales Tax Information

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Proposition L was passed in November 2006 by Vista voters. The measure is a half-cent sales tax increase that went into effect on April 1, 2007. Proposition L is estimated to generate $5 million annually for the City. Proposition L dollars are being used to fund significant needs in the city that would otherwise go unfunded. Public safety was the top priority for additional revenue generated by Proposition L. This included the re-opening of two community policing stations, the construction of two new fire stations (Fire Station No. 5 & 6), the renovation of Fire Station No. 1, and the addition of more fire personnel.

The City also funded several community priorities that were identified during ASK Vista meetings in 2006. Priorities include constructing much-needed public facilities such as a new sports complex, a new stage house for the Moonlight Amphitheatre, and a new civic center. All projects have now been constructed and are completed.

Funds will also be used to maintain street and sidewalk repairs, increase beautification of the City medians and landscaping, and maintain other general services such as parks and community services.

The half-cent sales tax is collected on:

  • Purchases made within city of Vista boundaries.
  • Goods delivered to addresses within the city boundaries. This applies to goods purchased from vendors outside of the city who deliver, install or assemble merchandise within the city limits.
  • Automobiles purchased or leased by Vista residents (no matter which city the automobile is purchased or leased).
  • Aircraft, boats and mobile homes on properties in Vista.

For more information regarding the sales tax or for an address verifying property location, contact the City Clerk's Office at 760.639.6125.